Class Information

All instructors are qualified physiotherapists with post graduate experience and training in teaching exercise classes for women during and after pregnancy. Please note that whilst some of the exercises incorporated into a class may have similarities to pilates, Babes on Board is NOT a pilates class.


Antenatal classes are a general exercise class for pregnancy including a warm-up and light, low-impact aerobic workout, general strengthening, and core abdominal and pelvic floor exercises .Education and practical tips focussing on specific pregnancy related issues are incorporated into each class, such as pelvic girdle pain, incontinence, DRAM (tummy muscle separation), cramps and constipation, just to name a few.


Postnatal classes focus specifically on strengthening back, abdominal and pelvic floor muscles as well as a general strength and cardio workout. Education topics are also woven into a class with special consideration given  to pelvic organ prolapse, incontinence and back pain related to caring for a new baby.

You are welcome to bring your baby with you to any of the postnatal classes. There is space for prams and floor mats.

Registration Form

Please ensure you complete and return either the

 Antenatal Registration Form

or the

Postnatal Registration Form

as appropriate, before beginning Babes on Board exercise classes.

Please scan and send to

This is an essential part of our assessment process to ensure the classes are suitable for you. It may be beneficial for an individual specific assessment prior to commencing classes. This can be discussed with Gill upon registration. It may also be a requirement of your health fund to be eligible for physiotherapy extras rebates to be payable.

It is essential to book. Please do so by sending the appropriate registration form and contacting Gill regarding availability of your preferred venue and class.

Hot Weather Policy

On days forecast to be hotter than 37deg C all classes will be cancelled. When the forecast is 37 deg C or less, the classes will run with appropriate modification.

All class locations have air conditioning.

What to bring

Please wear light, comfortable gear and supportive footwear. Bring a towel or mat to lie on, and a water bottle.

Contact Gill if you have any further queries.